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Beaver City lies along the banks of the Beaver Creek and it is the county seat of Furnas County. It is a small town that is a great place to raise a family or to retire. There are community events, a Civic Center, local businesses, and Leadership that promotes the entrepreneurial growth and the development of its residents. Such as Leadership Classes and membership in the Furnas/Harlan Partnership.

Housing is very affordable and there are many housing opportunities that are reasonable and living in a small has the benefits of caring neighbors. In addition Beaver City has FREE LAND available to people that are willing to build a home and settle in Beaver City.

Beaver City is a part of a great consolidated school system with low teacher to student raito and lots of opportunities for students to ecome involved in lot of extra curricular activities as well as excelling academically.

Even though Beaver City is in a rural area of south central Nebraska, it is only minutes away from quality health care right in Beaver City, Arapahoe, Cambridge, Oxford, Holdrege or Kearney.